Almost all people who are forced in to this gang stalking program are attacked with energy weapons.  When the energy is aimed at specific areas of the body and or brain it will cause cell degradation which will manifest in the form of intense pain, sickness or a disease.  Persons who have been targeted painstakingly try to shield themselves from this directed energy to minimize the pain and shield their bodies.

Shielding from Microwave Attacks

Think heat resistant and reflective material.  If some of the materials sound unfamiliar try searching the name for more information about the product.

Information courtesy of  Techno Crime Fighters Forum (YouTube)

  1. Mylar
  2. Reflectix
  3. Window tinting (heat resistant)
  4. Cast iron
  5. Copper sheeting deflects broader spectrum of emanations than aluminum
  6. Metal: more affective with heat resistant (1200-2000 degrees) grill paint on side near you
  7. Mirrors (+ grill paint)
  8. Strong magnets; (Mirrors and magnets distort/deflect M2K attempts)
  9. Heat-resistant grilling sheets (500 degrees)
  10. Teflon cookie sheets
  11. UV Resistant material w/ silver interior coating like that used for beach umbrellas and event tents/tent walls
  12. EMP Protective bags (screen type you can see thru)
  13. Electrical Tape
  14. Charcoal/pulverize in paint
  15. $300 per bucket EMF paint
  16. Xray Tech Lead apron/head covering
  17. Silver-infused products from Less EMF (Baseball cap, eye cover for sleeping, sleeping cap, etc) Helpful for acoustic and vibrational emanations
  18. Silicon or rubber though silicon is heat resistant too
  19. Dog cool gel beds
  20. Aluminum sheeting or aluminum blanket (use with grounding)
    • In the video it mentions conductive material. You could ground the aluminum and then lay it on top of your regular bedding if you don’t want it directly on your skin.


Detox (Helps reduce V2K / Audio Hallucinations)

Information courtesy of Look Out Fa Charlie Blog.


*Quit using laundry detergent and always use a dryer*

EPSOM SALT – You will bathe with at LEAST five cups of epsom salt in the bath every day. You MUST stay in for at LEAST 30-40 minutes. Keep the water as hot as you can stand it. If you can afford to use more Epsom, do it. While in the tub, rub your shins, legs, sides and all other parts of your body with your hands. Usually, between 4 to 7 days, you will start to peel from the baths. It will resemble a sunburn. This is the first sign that this practically invisible fungus/glue/film which has been on your for years is starting to break up. Don’t stop. Keep taking the baths and washing this off. Use something so that the tub drains slowly. Collect what is in the tub (gross, right?). You want to analyze it with a magnifier or jeweler’s loupe. You will see what is trapped against your real skin by the layers of this stuff. Now you are on your way to ridding yourself of your symptoms. 

BORAX – Use it in your laundry, use a cup in the shower to wash with. You can mix it with Palm Olive anti-bacterial dish soap with L-Lactic acid. You can also drink BORAX/BORON. It’s an anti-fungal and pulls things from the system. Only use a teaspoon or two in 32 ounces of water. The truth about Borax is that it’s only slightly more toxic than table salt. 

BAR SOAP – If you need to use soap, use old school original Dial soap. Made with Lye. 

PALM OLIVE antibacterial dish soap with L-Lactic Acid. Use it on dishes, in the shower and as a way to shock this stuff. If you put this on a troubled area and just let it sit there, it will start to dry up and harden. 2-5 days later, if it is bad enough, it can break off in shards. I’ve included a picture from when I was first treating myself. That broken stuff is the film. My real skin is underneath. That’s my armpit. I knew there was something on my skin. But no one else could see it. After I killed that spot, I never got another twitch, thumping, pulsing, zap or vibration in that area again. Same goes for the rest of my body. Hot photo, right?

LIME SULPHUR DIP. It’s a fungicide. You mix 4 ounces to a gallon of water. Spray it on yourself. In the shower is good. Get yourself as soaked and water logged as you can in the shower or bath…then spray it on everywhere. You can use it in the tub as well or use it WHILE you are in the shower too. 

Weaker / Sleep with it on kind of stuff – 

HONEY – Works on the face and everywhere else at night. Good to sleep with. 

VICK’S VAPOR RUB – Contains oils that break this fungus down. Not so hardcore…but good to sleep with.



BENTONITE CLAY – It’s a liquid clay. You drink it with water. This stuff is amazing. It acts like a magnet a draws all of this stuff out of the gut. Worth it’s weight in gold. Use it everyday. The first week may make you a little sick…but after that, it’s just like drinking milk or anything else. 

ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Drink a shot or more every day. 

POTASSIUM IODIDE (Iodine) Pills or Drops – Use them. I use the drops daily as maintenance. 

POTASSIUM IODIDE POWDER – GRADE KI – TO MAKE SATURATED SOLUTION OF POTASSIUM IODIDE (SSKI) – This is the killer. You will use this to treat Sporotrichosis or Lymphatic Sporotrichosis which is part of the fungal infection you have. Research how to treat Sporotrichosis with Potassium Iodide. You will get your dosages there. This is the assassin that takes care of this infection for good. You will just do maintenance after this. However, it’s always good to either use a little or keep some around just in case. 

MAGNESIUM – Take a good magnesium supplement. 

MULTIVITAMIN – GET A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN – A good chewable would be best considering everything else that we’re pushing through our system.

Vitamin B – All you can get 

SUN CHLORELLA – Single celled algae superfood with a split cell wall. Tastes like fish food smells. But is excellent for you. Regenerates you. My Mom introduced me to it when I was a kid. She was ahead of her time. 

OIL OF OREGANO – Kills this stuff dead on the inside. Take geltabs. They can be popped with a needle and used on troubled spots of the skin. 

POTASSIUM ASPOROTATE – Get capsules. Take a couple a day. 

BORON PILLS and/or BORON BORAX – Wonder mineral. Even pulls heavy metals and flouride from as deep as your bones. But the main reason is that this is a fungicide. Use it. Contrary to popular belief, Borax is only slightly more toxic than table salt. So you can take it right out of the box too. Just don’t over-do it. 

KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLEAN Gargle with mouthwash. Gargle with borax. Just a little. Don’t over-do this stuff. Trust me. I’ve bled and suffered for these experiments. Over-doing it doesn’t speed anything up. You’ll just get sicker from the Herx reaction.


Eliminate Free radicals

In a podcast with Dr. John Hall he recommends supplements to chase out free radicals.  These free radicals, when left in your system from the microwave radiation, accelerates aging and weakens you.  These supplements would have to be used together.

  • Sublingual L-Glutathione 50mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg
  • D3 1000iu