If Your Life Is The Prize; Fight For It!

Many people who have been targeted by this program feel like their lives have been taken away from them.  They say the things they once enjoyed doing are no longer available to them.  “Falling” for this line of thinking is what has set many people on the path to suicide.  Well…  this doesn’t have to be your reality!!!  There are several people who awoke one day and found themselves in this program but; they REFUSE to see themselves as victims.  Scott Snitzer (YouTube Name) is one of them.  He compares gang stalking to a disease.   Like a person who one day learns he or she has cancer, they learn about the disease to understand what is happening to their body and then they determine how to make better choices for treatment. You aren’t going to be able to fix the evil that is in someone else’s heart or any hatred they feel towards you.  But you can change how you react and interact with them, make better choices on how to deal with it and live your —- life!  Take back some control.  One thing Renata Murry said on her Talkshoe Conference call is that, “I may not get out of this physically but I will mentally.”

Listen to more positive messages about your “condition.” I mentioned Scott Snitzer before.  He gives a lot of useful information about how to live with what is happening to you.  Also Reneta Murry, Youtube name: God Is Our Protector, is targeted by this program.  She recently started her own life coaching business where she gives a significant discount to people who are targeted.  And another one of my favorite YouTubers is Rai Jo.  She was also motivated to take her life back and became an entrepreneur in the process.  She manufacturers and sells organic products that are meant to help those targeted by gang stalking.

I think you will find encouragement by watching their YouTube videos.


Scott Snitzer’s YouTube Channel

Rai Jo’s YouTube Channel

Renata’s YouTube Channel

*Renata’s weekly Talkshoe conference call:  Sunday at 5:30 EST. (724)444-7444.*

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