If You Are A Gangstalker You Are Committing a Crime

PERPETRATOR: A person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act.

If you are a perpetrator of Gangstalking, or what ever name you like to label it YOU ARE COMMITTING MULTIPLE CRIMES AND IF IN U.S.A. YOU ARE VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.  Research the laws for your self! Also it makes you part of any crimes that are committed to finance the gang stalking. If you not sure ask any criminal  lawyer about your activities you preform in committing this crime and check. Directed Energy Weapons used on Targeted Individuals also hurt you and any others it hits and causes long term health problems, cellular damage. The weapons do not stop at the TI. They travel far going through walls, autos and almost everything you can thank of. So think about the future of your families.

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